Over $10,000 in Prizes!

cEDH Main Event

256 enter, one person leaves. Battle it out to become the 2024 Salt Fest King of Salt in our cEDH $10K main event!

Premium Side Events

All weekend-long Salt Fest will have on-demand and premium side events such as the four (4) RCQs that will be used to qualify players for the Washington, DC Regional Challenge!

SaltFest Free Play Corner

All formats are welcome at SaltFest! Test your commander brews or jam some casual games.

Space is available for a more relaxed play experience.

Online SaltFest Purchases Closed

Tickets can still be purchased starting Saturday at 8:00 AM at the event. We're excited to see all attendees at Saltfest!

SaltFest Exclusive Playmat

Available only for those who attend SaltFest!

Rock out with this amazing SaltFest playmat co-designed by local artist Saba and graphic designer Chris Glade!

This playmat will be available on site for anyone who attends SaltFest.*

Buy on-site for $50.

*Quantities will be limited day of event.


The event will be 256 players, with 7 rounds before a cut to top 16. Each round will be 80 minutes with no turns. Day 1 will consist of rounds 1-5. Day 2 will finish the weekend of with rounds 6-7, then top 16 cut single elimination.

Number of rounds may be adjusted based on attendance.

The $10K Main Event* will be fully proxy friendly.

You will need to use "test cards" that are in color and utilize recognizable art. These cards must have non-Magic backs. Players must use dark sleeves or smoke inner sleeves to avoid marked cards.

You will not be allowed to slip printed pieces of paper in front of a magic card.

*This is ONLY for the $10K cEDH Main Event and any constructed Commander side events.

Proxies for any events (such as the RCQs, drafts, etc.) using Eventlink will not be permitted. Non-Commander/EDH formats will not be permitted to use proxies.

All alters must be approved by the head judge of SaltFest, Philippe, before the event. Please send all alter inquiries to or on our Discord server prior to the event to expedite registration on the day of the event.

SaltFest will take place on April 20-April 21st, 2024 at Osceola Heritage Park. Day 1 will consist of swiss rounds for our $10K cEDH main event. Day 2 will be the final rounds of swiss and a cut to top 16 to crown our King of Salt.

Prize support as follows: 1st place receives $2500, 2nd-4th placements each receive $1,000, and 5th-16th place each receive $375. This prize pool will be scaled based on attendance.

You will need to purchase a pass (can be found above this FAQ) + any processing fees.

You will need to purchase a SaltFest Competitor Pass (can be found above this FAQ). A account is required and decklists MUST be submitted. Command Tower will be used to view match pairings for the event.

If an individual that purchased any pass for the SaltFest cEDH $10K is unable to attend for any reason, they will need to notify a member of The Salt Monolith or Double Infinity Gaming at least two weeks in advance before SaltFest to be eligible for a full refund.

You can send us an email at or ask us in our Discord!