One Piece TCG: Double Pack Set Volume 2 Display

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Sku: BJP2705246

This listing is for the English Edition of the product.

It's a new low-price product line that will appeal to casual fans as well.
As the next best set for value after Boosters, this product will appeal to general consumers and increase exposure to ONE PIECE Card Game in stores!
The packaging doubles as a card case, making this product more economical, accessible, and collectible!
Includes 2 Randomly Selected DON!! Cards with New Designs!
Each set will include 2 randomly selected DON!! cards with exclusive designs, encouraging multiple purchases to collect them all!
Alongside Booster releases, we plan to roll out more products in this series!
The release of this product will mark the launch of a new series aimed at securing shelf space for non-stop mass distribution!
Booster Pack [OP-05] x 2
DON!! Card x 1