One Piece: One Piece TCG Double Pack Set Volume 4 (Presale)

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Prerelease - Expected release date June 28th, 2024.

This item is subject to our Pre Order policy. It is available under "Our Return Policy" in this link.

Embark on a Thrilling TCG Adventure: One Piece Double Pack Set Volume 4 Display (DP-04)

This listing is for the English Edition of the product.

Dive into the captivating world of One Piece like never before with our latest offering – the Double Pack Set Volume 4 Display (DP-04)! Tailored for both ardent fans and casual enthusiasts, this set is a treasure trove that promises to enhance your One Piece Card Game experience.

Why DP-04 is a Must-Have:

  • Value Meets Versatility: Each display is not just a bundle of excitement but also an economical choice that doubles as a stylish card case. Perfect for players seeking both utility and collectability.
  • Exclusive DON!! Cards: Unveil the surprise within! Each set includes 2 randomly selected DON!! cards featuring new, exclusive designs. The thrill of the unknown beckons, encouraging you to collect them all.
  • More Than Just a Pack: Beyond the boosters, DP-04 marks the beginning of a series that’s set to dominate the shelves. It’s not just a product; it's a gateway to an ever-expanding One Piece TCG universe.
  • Ideal for Every Collector: Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, this set is designed to appeal to all. It's the next best thing after Booster packs, ensuring everyone gets a piece of the One Piece action!

What’s Inside:

  • 2 Booster Packs [OP-07]
  • 1 Unique DON!! Card