Magic the Gathering: The Unfathomable Crushing Brutality of Basic Lands - Foil

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We are Secret Lair, and we are here to teach you the true meaning of brutality. You think creatures are brutal? Creatures are nothing. You think kill spells are brutal? Removal is a child’s plaything. Only one type of card is truly brutal and truly metal. And that card is the basic land. Look at these full-art basic lands by Mark Riddick and understand that you know nothing of brutality. Mark knows everything. With these lands in your possession, your education will begin. Prepare to be born anew…

• 1x Foil Full-Art Plains
• 1x Foil Full-Art Island
• 1x Foil Full-Art Swamp
• 1x Foil Full-Art Mountain
• 1x Foil Full-Art Forest