Magic The Gathering: Secret Lair Drop: Special Guest: Fiona Staples - Foil - Secret Lair Drop Series

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You would not believe what Fiona Staples said when we asked her if she wanted to illustrate a Secret Lair Drop. She said, “Yes.” Well, since you’re looking at this product page you probably believe it pretty easily, but we still think we’re dreaming. The Fiona Staples, award-winning comic book artist known for her emotive art and compelling characters, has entered the Magic arena! (Not that one.) She directed her unbelievable reserves of talent towards five sweet cards—cards that can be yours, right now.

• 1x Borderless Dryad of the Ilysian Grove Foil Edition
• 1x Borderless Metallic Mimic Foil Edition
• 1x Borderless Sakura-Tribe Elder Foil Edition
• 1x Borderless Soul-Scar Mage Foil Edition
• 1x Borderless Spell Queller Foil Edition