Magic the Gathering: Lost Caverns of Ixalan - Prerelease Pack

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Prerelease was November 17th. These products are available to ship now.

In The Lost Caverns of Ixalan, players will face an adventure like never before, discovering long-lost ruins, ancient civilizations alive and well, and fan-favorite creatures running rampant. Dig into the heart of Ixalan with a piece of prehistory for every play style.

Prerelease is your first opportunity to get your hands on the newest Magic: The Gathering release and explore what the set has to offer.

6 The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Draft Boosters; each Draft Booster contains 15 Magic cards
1 foil, year-stamped Rare or Mythic Rare
1 Magic: The Gathering Arena code card
1 deck box
1 Spindown die