Epic Encounters: Savannah of the Gnoll Pack

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Red in tooth & claw, the Gnoll Pack emerges from the savannah to bring savagery and destruction to your tabletop roleplaying games!

With 18 highly-detailed miniatures, a double-sided battlemap, and a fully-statted encounter, you can be ready to play in minutes. Open the box and access a world of danger and adventure, all ready to deploy in your games. Whether its exquisitely sculpted enemies, or a fully planned encounter you can be ready to run in minutes, Epic Encounters is the best way to turn your game nights up to 11!

Compatible with the 5th edition of the world’s favourite RPG.
Plot driven adventure with a rich fantasy setting.
Slot in an existing campaign, play as a one-shot adventure or combine with a boss-box!

Epic Encounters is designed to work with the 5th edition of the world’s favourite roleplaying game. The box contains awesome miniatures at an amazing price . Not only that, but any Game Master can run the campaign that comes with the minis straight out of the box! Turn your game nights up to 11!

18 finely-detailed miniatures
Illustrated battlemap
Full encounter booklet