Epic Encounters: Rage of the Gnoll Warseeker

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A terrifying enging of destruction, the Gnoll Warseeker carries death in his clawed hands. Can any hope to halt his bloody rampage?

Containing the enormous, beautifully detailed Gnoll Warseeker miniature (on a 100mm base!), this is the ultimate aid to running a thrilling boss encounter in your fantasy roleplaying games. Complete with a double-sided battlemap, an encounter booklet detailing exactly how to craft the most exciting encounter possible, and all the tokens you need, this box is everything required to make your boss battle epic!

Compatible with the 5th edition of the world's favourite RPG.
Encounter that can be used as a one-off campaign or as a finale with the Savanna of the Gnoll warband box.
Adventure book packed with enough prompts, stats, and monster knowledge to set your imagination alight.

Epic Encounters is designed to work with the 5th edition of the world's favourite roleplaying game. The box contains awesome miniatures at an amazing price. Not only that, but any Game Master can run the campaign that comes with the minis straight out of the box! Turn your game nights up to 11!

1 colossal Warseeker Miniature
Illustrated battlemap
Full encounter booklet
Token sheet