Digimon Card Game: Digimon Liberator Booster Display (Ex07) (24Ct) (Presale)

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Prerelease - Expected release date September 19th, 2024.

This item is subject to our Pre Order policy. It is available under "Our Return Policy" in this link.

➀ “DIGIMON LIBERATOR" is now available!
Digimon Liberator, an original story from the Digimon Card Game, has begun in the form of a webcomic!
This set Includes many Digimon and Tamers that appear for the first time in this series!
This booster also includes cards that go well with ST18 and ST19, allowing for new deck building possibilities!

➁ Cards with different specifications added to the Common and Uncommon slots!
The conventional Common card slots will be included as [Limited Common] or [Limited Uncommon], which has different specifications from the Common and Uncommon cards of the same set increasing the enjoyment of opening packs!

➂ Digimon that inhabit the "Nature Spirits" will be included!
Many nature-related Digimon, such as SaberLeomon, Eldradimon, and Tlalocmon from the LCD toy "Digimon Pendulum COLOR," are included! You can build a new deck with these Digimon that possess the "Nature Spirits" characteristic!

➃ Enhanced versions of popular Digimon!
Includes popular Digimon such as the three musketeers, BeelStarmon, MagnaKidmon and Gundramon!
And BeelStarmon will be included as an ACE Digimon!

EX07 Rarities
♦ Common: 22
♦ Uncommon: 20
♦ Rare: 18
♦ Super Rare: 12
♦ Secret Rare: 2
♦ SP Cards: 4
♦ 78 card types
*Also includes alternate art and/or design cards from the above types.

• 1 Booster Pack = 12 cards
• 1 Display Box = 24 packs